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Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre


Culture and Arts as a guiding light for change!

At Day-Mer our vision and our message is one of hope. Over the past year our communities have persevered in the face of adversity, demonstrating the beauty of our diversity and strength of our collective fight for a better world. It is with this motivation that we welcome you to our 28th Annual Culture and Arts Festival. Our festival is a place where politics and arts intertwine. It presents a chance to view the developments across the UK, Europe and the world through the prism of cultural needs of working people. Throughout June we will be presenting to you a variety of events that showcase the skills and creativity of our local community, and will bring ordinary people together to discuss the extraordinary times we are living in, and seek out our common experiences and collective solutions. Life has become even harder for working people and the vulnerable in society, and the past year has seen further unprecedented changes take place. These challenges have been used to scapegoat minorities and detract further from our hard won democratic rights. The political landscape is shifting in front of our eyes. This can be seen in the Brexit referendum, the move to an executive Presidency in Turkey, Trump in the USA, Macron’s election in France and the policies of Theresa May’s government and the announcement of the snap election on 8 June. In the Middle East, which has always been a battle ground for imperialist power, ISIS now threatens not just the people of these lands but also their rich architectural, artistic and cultural heritage. ISIS seeks to spread its hatred of humanity, culture and arts not just in the Middle East. It is no coincidence that in an attempt to spread its venom and hatred across the world, ISIS targets events and locations in which people gather to appreciate and take ownership of art and artists. Always retaining the light of thousands years of human experience and never siding with regression, arts and culture today face the oppression and exploitation of the ruling classes and their governments as well as the cruelty of barbaric, bigoted and regressive forces. Even facing repression and bans by regressive governments, in the rest of the world, art and culture is used as a means to imprison humanity rather than its emancipation treated as objects of consumption and of the market. In spite of these attacks, culture and art remains resistant and continues to be the guiding light and source of strength for those struggling to change the world. It is in this spirit that we invite you to join us in taking ownership of the rich and diverse cultural heritage which makes up our communities in London, and actively work with us to ensure that art takes its rightful place as the beacon for fighting for our rights and freedoms.
So get in touch, get involved and join us at our 28th Culture and Arts Festival!