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Panel: Our rights and our freedoms: What next for democracy in the UK?

Britain faces an uncertain and volatile future, not least because of the brutal austerity politics that characterised David Cameron and Theresa May’s Conservative governments since 2010. Austerity coupled with the adoption of populist right wing policies aimed at dividing the public and scapegoating ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees has created deep divisions in our society. Despite this, the past year has shown the strong willingness by communities to fight austerity and work together to protect their democratic rights and public services. The results of the Brexit referendum might have provided the opportunity for right wing nationalism to gain momentum with the support of the mainstream media, but it also saw a resurgence in community organisation and politicisation amongst young people who have rallied around the need to protect and strengthen democratic rights and freedoms in the UK.
It is against this backdrop that Theresa May called a snap election in the hope that she would win a landslide victory. Far from gaining the majority she had hoped for, substantial gains were made by the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Without an outright majority the Conservative Party have been left struggling to form a government. How long such a government can last is now a real uncertainty. On the other hand, a result of this election has been the rallying of large sections of the society, with young people in particular, around the Labour Party in order to react to May’s antipopular “Hard Brexit” and austerity policy programme. It is at this critical juncture of UK political history, that we bring together trade unions, politicians, journalists and campaigners to evaluate the recent election and what might be in store for the people of the UK, our public services and the economy as a whole.

Our rights and our freedoms: What next for democracy in the UK?

22 June, thursday
Time 18:30
North London Community House

Lindsey German
Stop the War Coalition
Chris Baugh
PCS Union
Louise Regan
NUT President
Oktay Sahbaz
Day-Mer Secretary