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As the most dynamic, vibrant and struggling force of our society, youth are under constant attack. While continuing their attacks on youth, the dominant classes do not shy away from trying to pull them into their own unjust politics.

Whenever questioned, every political party, every government official will have promises lined up, they will talk about investing in youth. But as we saw, with higher education tripling in tuition fees, we witnessed the barriers confronting working class youth in their studies, we witnessed young workers forcefully accepting low-paid and zero hour employment contracts due to lack of alternatives. Only to be left alone in our dayto-day struggles, only to be told “deal with your own problems”.
The youth will not bow to these attacks and games. It is because of this that we see more and more young people becoming more involved in politics as was shown by their active participation in the recent general elections. As Day-Mer Youth, we will raise our struggle against these attacks so our demands can be heard clearly; so our struggle can be louder; so we can stop the unjust attacks and begin to build the world we desire. As youth, we once again take our place in our culture and arts festival alongside the rest of the community, participating every phase of its organisation and enjoying every second of it. As well as involving young people in the practical organisation of the festival, we believe bringing together young people in an event specifically by and for them will help raise their distinct voice in the struggle for a better world.
We call on all young people to stand together both in the practical organising of this event as well as in raising their voice to celebrate their own struggles!

We are stronger together. Unity is strength!

Youth Night

23 June, Friday, 19:00
North London Community