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Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre


About DayMer


DAY-MER   was set up on 11 November 1989 to work with and on behalf of Turkish and Kurdish people living and working in London to help them solve their problems and promote their cultural, economic, social and democratic rights; to strengthen solidarity among themselves as well as local people; and to help their integration into the society.
DAY-MER is a non-profit making organisation and registered charity, of which its activities are funded by various government operated authorities and schemes.  As well as participating in local projects in London DAY-MER also participated in trans-national projects funded by European Social Fund. DAY-MER has an important role within the Turkish and Kurdish community in terms of providing information on and advocacy for refugees and humanitarian entrants in England.  DAY-MER  provides various services, mainly targeted at Turkish and Kurdish people who have either arrived to the UK recently and in immediate need for their essential requirements such as help with their accommodation and welfare matters, filling in application forms and other interpretation services; or those who have been in the UK for a while, have settled lives but in need for social and cultural activities, such as organizing festivals, events, setting up folk dancing, theatre and music groups, to participate more effectively within the community.
...integrate with other communities and get more involved with their own community...
Since its establishment, DAY-MER has concentrated and based the emphasis of its work especially on issues the Turkish and Kurdish people encounter as people who live and work in London. In the early period of its establishment, when the largest influx of Turkish and Kurdish people to Britain was taking place, DAY-MER concentrated on the problems of Turkish and Kurdish people of immigration, settlement and formation as an ethnic community. As well as providing the community with services aimed at their concrete problems which are still ongoing, it brought significant sections of the community together to discuss and act upon its problems and needs related to being an ethnic community and the issue of the relationship with the rest of the society, through the range of services, cultural and social activities provided.
Current DAY-MER services include a drop-in centre for the community, information, advice and awareness sessions, comprehensive education and youth services, health, education, human rights and pro-democracy campaigns, regular arts and culture activity and festivals, the work of its local groups, youth and women’s commissions and its football federation. DAY-MER aims the empowerment of the community as an organised entity, aware of its problems, needs and social and democratic rights as well as emphasising the need for a harmonious interaction between the Turkish and Kurdish community and the rest of the society and the creation of conditions for the migrant communities and the rest of the society to work and live together.
As a community centre, DAY-MER has a well-established and respected reputation within the communities it serves.  It has both paid and large number of voluntary members who are fully committed to provide help for Turkish and Kurdish communities to settle a decent life in the UK, integrate with other communities and get more involved with their own community.  This is the key to DAY-MER’s future success.
... meet the essential health, education and training needs of the community...
As a Turkish and Kurdish community centre DAY-MER  has most of its members and service users belonging to Turkish and Kurdish ethnic origins, however, the centre, its services and facilities are open to anyone on the basis of its equal opportunities policy (regardless of race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, class culture, gender, martial status, disability or age).
With an annual budget of exceeding £300.000 funded by various local and central government bodies, the local strategic partnership, and different other charities DAY-MER  participates in 7 projects and works with various other community organisations by participating in different community development projects to meet the essential health, education and training needs of the community, to help them to deal with enterprise development issues and provides general support to the community with their day-to-day matters.